Month: April 2007

links for 2007-05-01 Corporate Org Chart Wiki (tags: business wiki orgchart organization visualization tools research forbes) TrailRunner – iPod + iTunes (tags: running fitness itunes health ipod) iSubwayMaps – Download subway maps for your iPod Photo here! (tags: ipod maps travel map subway apple tools mobile) Soundwalk – Audio Tours for People Who Don’t Normally Take Audio […]

Pushing the Wiki Space

My attention was drawn to a new Fortune Magazine initiative called the Corporate Org Chart Wiki. It bills itself as in early beta and clearly experimental. It claims to seek to ‘tap the collective knowledge’ of the community and to collect and share enterprise organizational charts. Its collaborativity certainly marks it as a wiki. Unfortunately […]

links for 2007-04-30

RLG Home (tags: library libraries archives rlg technology museums museum information_access) ISO Archiving Standards – Overview (tags: archive digital) About Sphere (tags: search blog web2.0 blogs tools blogging community rss) AllThingsD (tags: technology news media tech digital blogs newspapers blog) Preserving the Memory of the World in Perpetuity: a joint statement on the archiving and […]

links for 2007-04-29

tlbox – Web Design Tools (tags: webdesign tools design css resources web utilities development) COLOURlovers :: Color Trends & Palettes (tags: color webdesign design inspiration tools colour css) InterfaceLIFT: High-Resolution Widescreen Wallpaper (by ratings) – page 9 (tags: wallpaper desktop art images library photos) Portrait Gallery of Canada (tags: art canada portrait)

Smattered Links from on 27 April 2007

United Stated National Debt (tags: politics debt economics history money usa economy) 15 ways stores trick you into spending – MSN Money (tags: tips shopping howto business lifehacks) LH Top 10: USB thumb drive tricks – Lifehacker (tags: usb tools computer lifehacker software productivity) YouTube – Sukhoi SU-30 Flight Demonstration (tags: su-30 flight awesome arobatics […]

links for 2007-04-27

Digital History | Owning the Past? (tags: digital_humanities history online) Vers une stratégie canadienne sur l’information numérique (tags: blog documentation camada digital_humanities) Pakobrats Productions interactive development (tags: cool webdesign) PHP Classes – PHP Classes blog: 8 defensive programming best practices to prevent breaking your sites (tags: php programming security webdesign tips) Libraries That Matter | […]

Memory Feedback

I happened to stumble upon (literally – I was using the new StumbleThrough feature of StumbleUpon) this wonderful Flickr collection. In this set, Michael Hughes captures a variety of popular tourist sites and superimposes souvenirs in photo in situ. What a neat concept. I am sure this opens up all sorts of wonderful questions for […]

links for 2007-04-26

FooPlot: Online graphing calculator and plotter (tags: ajax apps math plot graphics online graph) – online calculator with symbolic calculations and graphs (tags: ajax apps calculator web2.0 visualization chart)