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Curious Putin Shadows

2.jpgOnce more I plun­der from the idio­syn­cratic Eng­lishRus­sia blog. There’s always a daily dose of intrigue at the site. What bet­ter to fea­ture today — espe­cially after Putin has taken another step towards restor­ing tra­di­tion by sus­pend­ing one of the last cred­ible oppos­i­tion parties in the Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion — but some eerie/spooky shad­ows he cast recently. Check them out…

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I’ll Never Experience It But…

bg4.gifThis is an abso­lutely stun­ning piece on engin­eer­ing! The Grand Canyon Sky­walk is situ­ated 3,800 feet above the canyon floor and is con­struc­ted of steel and 4 inch thick glass. It can sup­port 800 people, but will be lim­ited to 120. The floor is glass (that’s why I won’t be there — no chance — no how — but sure wish that I could). The struc­ture pro­trudes 70 feet from the cliff side and is just can­ti­levered right out there. They seem to call it a bridge, but that seems rather much more meta­phor­ical than what it in real­ity it is.
The struc­ture was built, pro­moted and con­ceived by a Las Vegas pro­moter, but was given to the Hualapai nation in exchange for a profit shar­ing pos­i­tion. This will undoubtedly become one of the must see sight­seers des­tin­a­tions, on height alone. It dwarfs the vista from any cur­rently con­struc­ted man-made obser­va­tion plat­form and I can only ima­gine the view and the sur­round­ing nat­ural won­der.
The struc­ture opens to the pub­lic next week and also com­prises an inter­pret­a­tion centre and shops. It will be very cool to start to see some real images of the views and the struc­ture show­ing up online. The offi­cial site doesn’t seem to do much of a job of con­vin­cing one of how spec­tac­u­lar this struc­ture really is.

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