Month: March 2007

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Humanities Talks: The 20 Greatest Historical Myths (All Parts) (tags: history reference list article blog) Computer History Museum (tags: history computer technology computers Reference hardware museum) The Tech Museum of Innovation | Welcome (tags: museum technology Science sanjose Tech innovation museums) Museum of the Moving Image (tags: movies film cinema museum reference) National Museum of […]

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DHTML / JavaScript Tabs [] (tags: javascript dhtml tabs css webdesign development web) Onload image fades without Flash | clagnut/sandbox (tags: javascript css webdesign design web html dhtml) ActiveWidgets • Ajax Grid • Javascript Datagrid Control and Component Library. (tags: javascript ajax css web grid programming DHTML) The Coolest DHTML / JavaScript Calendar [] (tags: […]

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Stuck In Customs » Blog Archive » Nuclear Winter in Chernobyl (tags: ukraine chernobyl tour photography hdr) Wrong Place Wrong Time – (tags: photo fun humour) Motivator: Create your own custom poster — Inspire! Motivate! Mock! (tags: poster humor photography tools fun funny art) Pulsar (tags: Spaceport space) Reality, one bite at a time: […]

Curious Putin Shadows

Once more I plunder from the idiosyncratic EnglishRussia blog. There’s always a daily dose of intrigue at the site. What better to feature today – especially after Putin has taken another step towards restoring tradition by suspending one of the last credible opposition parties in the Russian Federation – but some eerie/spooky shadows he cast […]

A feed on 24 March 2007

Moving MySQL Databases To A New Server (tags: mysql admin ultility) Install Beryl on Ubuntu Edgy with ATI Support (tags: beryl ubuntu linux ati howto install) Small Camera Adjustments Make a Difference (tags: camera color tips) 12 ways to pimp your office (tags: cool design office work furniture business lifehacks) Only Ubuntu Linux (tags: linux […]

Some Crumbs from 23 March 2007

0Buckinghamshire Admits Book (tags: asylums buckinghamshire) Flamenco UC Berkeley Architecture Slide Library Search (Flamenco) (tags: architecture database humanities_computing) JSViz Demo: Music Recomendations (tags: visualization music) TechEBlog » How to: Old Map Effect in Photoshop (tags: photoshop tutorials design maps effects map howto) Tools and Methods for the Digital Historian (tags: digital_humanities history digital resources forum)

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Mashable! – The Social Networking Blog (tags: web2.0 blog mashup social blogs business Web) Shared contact manager and task list (tags: contacts Software web2.0 37signals community manager) odopod (tags: Design agency flash Interactive webdesign web) Historical Booklets – Canadian Historical Association Booklets – Library and Archives Canada (tags: canada history CHA booklets) Virtual Ubiquity (tags: […]

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Blackwater: Bush’s Shadow Army « Sanity For Sale (tags: politics military corruption blackwater iraq government) The Recorder (tags: energy prius environment green) CSS creme of the month (tags: css webdesign design javascript reference tutorial inspiration) Oddmuse: Short Introduction (tags: wiki opensource odd_muse) MetaCritic Reviews (tags: film reviews criticism)

A Disparate Bunch from for 19 March 2007

Geeks in Paradise | InfoWorld | The Business Case for Open Source Software | March 12, 2007 10:53 PM | By Josh Kuo (tags: opensource business business_intelligence) Harry Maugans » Tutorial: AJAX Made Easy (tags: ajax tutorial javascript php webdesign programming web) Ricardo Galli, de software libre » WP-Cache 2.0 (tags: wordpress plugin cache plugins […]