Month: February 2007

bits from on 28 February 2007

Wellington Grey (tags: blog charts chart comic comics weblog humour) ELECTRONIC RESEARCHER: INTRO (tags: research electronic camera technique) Dana Atchley | Next Exit | Digital Storytelling (tags: digital-storytelling storytelling digital DigitalStorytelling digital_storytelling) – The Goal is Pretty Simple (tags: blog design usability webdesign web AJAX inspiration)

The Secret Life Underground

Russos at LiveJournal posted an absolutely exquisite set of photographs (many HDR) of the deep underground in Moscow. Many relate to subway construction, repair and abandonment. Others seem to have deep subterranean natural caverns. Absolutely amazing views of things we never see. Thanks for EnglishRussia for catching these and doing some translation so English readers […]

links for 2007-02-28

FrogPubs – English Pubs in Paris, Toulouse and Bordeaux (tags: paris Frog pub) News in English, living in, moving to, working in Europe – Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain (tags: expat travel europe News Belgium France Reference)

A Few Links Snuck in from on 26 Februrary 2007

The Sound of Crickets Chirping » Blog Archive » Timeline Archive View For WordPress (tags: WordPress timeline Plugin ajax javascript web documentation) SUBWAY MAPS (tags: travel maps visualization metro map subway reference) – the power behind your travel agency is now at your fingertips (tags: travel amadeus ticket airline guide flights flight) Cardstacker Gallery […]

Putting the Game into Shopping

I observed my first SmackShopping live internet game show today. Building on the last minute bidding fun of eBay, and the social networking/buying power of a large group of committed purchasers, JellyFish offers an intriguing experience. As a semi-standard demand consolidator, JellyFish has agreements with a wide range of normal retailers who contract to provide […]

Exhibit Keeps Getting Better

I have mentioned the Exhibit project out of the Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Enviroments (SIMILE) lab at MIT. Their Timeline project was one that I immediately was interested in. It takes and XML of JSON feed and creates a graphical animated chronological timeline. I threw 450 events from the life of […]

links for 2007-02-24

FileMaker Pro 8.0 – FileMaker Pro Online Community (tags: filemaker development) Census Resources (tags: census canada ccri) Home – Queen Street Commons A cool concept in world of social engineering. Does it work? Ask Josh. (tags: community commons local canada pei) The Core Club Cool as above, but in a different way…beware elitism (tags: architecture […]

Recruitment Contrast

Ok. Who’s really tapping the reason why we fight? English Russia, a perennial source of high quality commentary, posted a Ukrainian Army recruitment ad. As I watched I was struck by the latest Canadian Armed Forces ad designed to presumably accomplish the same end. With a long dry period between recruiting ads, they’ve been showing […]