alexking.gifI took the plunge on my research blog and upgraded it from 2.05 –> 2.1 today. So far so good. The other blog is quite a bit sim­pler and uses far fewer plug-ins, of which I remain trep­id­a­tious, but we shall see how it goes.

On the path of search­ing out any hurdles that oth­ers had run into, I came across a series of blog entries by <a href=“http://alexking.org/” target=_blank”>Alex King when he re-invented his main blog last year. These posts are a won­der­ful case study of his sys­tem­atic approach to usab­il­ity and user exper­i­ence with his own blog. he is well known in the blog­ging com­munity for his theme con­test and his web­site which relies on Word­Press for its cms is impress­ively exten­ded through a few other pieces such as his forum man­age­ment, but all nicely integ­rated together. I point out this post as a great resource for word­press­ers or word­press­ers to be that may like to be reminded of those usab­il­ity things to remain aware of.

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