Geotagging Just Keeps on Getting Better

panoramio.jpgThe release of Google Earth 4.0 features the addition of Panoramio to their georeference layer. I was using a competing product for geotagging, but the seamless flow between Google Earth and Panoramio intrigued me. After tagging a few pictures in the product, I am reminded of the fun. This is one more wonderful time sink, but its also a wonderfully collaborative project. I added some of my pics from the CaSTA conference in Fredericton and I am waiting to see how long it takes for them to show up. The weather and time of season was optimal when we were down and I was quite pleased with a few of the snaps.

Also take a look at the tour of high-rise buildings in London’s downtown core. Superb integration of a temporal slider into the spatial world of Google Earth.

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