Military Remnants

kirov.jpgNot to suck dry an interesting blog, but EnglishRussia had another fascinating post this morning. Its a wonderful collection of tagged Google Earth shots from Russian military sites. I was particularly interested to see that the ‘Kirov’ is still floating. Not sure if its still in active service, but is is moored at one of the Northern Fleets docks in the one picture. I always fancied that the lines of the Kirov were particularly graceful. I am not missing the fact that its a rather potent killing machine, but am appreciating the aesthetics of the design. For what is is worth, you can find more information about the Kirov on Wikipedia or at Mark Meredith’s Kirov Page. I know its a bit of a guy thing, and I am reminded of both Tony Soprano’s addiction to war documentaries as well as Dennis Leary’s Asshole song. I am chided, but still mildly intrigued.

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