Month: December 2006

Bubble Travel

Easily understood representation of the CIA factbook represented in a flash-based relationship browser. Very smooth and intuitively navigable. Relationship Browser from Moritz Stefaner is a very clever and robust implementation of the interactive bubble charts that are all the rage. He has a wide variety of other interesting projects which he has been involved in, […]

Data Sandbox

According to the first statement on the page, ” Swivel is a place where curious people explore all kinds of data.” Cool! Its is a collaborative space in which people are free to share data and visualizations of that data that they have found interesting. This invites others to play with the same data and […]

Respect for Pages

Here’s a thought provoking piece of technology in action…but what is particularly intriguing is that it is replicating the human action of turning pages “so as to avoid having to damage the binding.” It of course begs the question over how user-defined the nature of the printed media is, but certainly represents a wonderful adaptation […]