Month: October 2005

Cat Update

OK. Bad news is that the cats didn’t quite work out. They have now returned to their natural suroundings and I am sleeping at night again. They were a cute pair of kittens though. This is a picture of the little grey one. day one on my floor. Amazingly as I look at the photo […]

SSHRC Deadline in Approaching

…and all too fast (maybe not). Clearly I have evolved away from being a last minute writer, however the task of writing to deadlines has gone in the opposite direction. Deadlines are now cut-off points when it is simply time to say “can’t ruminate over this any longer and just have done with it.” “Stop […]

On the Weather: How Canadian (eh?)

This wetness can well drive one insane. I guess it should come as no small surprise that weather has a *huge* effect on one’s mood. This incessant rain and cold which seems have gone on for a week now just has that affect on one’s productivity. I would compare it to Kubrick’s Shining, but then […]